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Terms of Engagement for Ask the Expert Service

Receipt of your payment initiates a professional engagement pursuant to all of the standards of practice and conduct overseen by my governing body (

My approach with an email consultation is to provide a rich response that includes identifying and addressing issues you may not have considered, referring you to relevant sources for supplemental information where available, linking you to relevant tax forms where appropriate - to generally provide you with an understanding, set you on the right track and give you value for your money. It would be misleading to suggest that all problems can be solved or all situations fully handled within the constraints of this service but, in my experience, over 90% of the queries received at my website require no further follow-up to reach resolution.

The 3-day duration of the consultation period is intended to provide a generous interval in which to deal adequately with your questions and to allow for the normal delays arising from time zones, internet traffic and work schedules. Although I aim for same day or next day turnaround on your messages, I regard 36 hours as an acceptable outside limit. To make effective use of time, you should draft your questions as completely as possible and provide all relevant background information. My first response is often a request to clarify relevant facts. There is normally sufficient time for you to receive responses to your initial questions and 2 rounds of supplementals.

If your situation requires the preparation of tax filings, I will identify the forms and due dates that apply. I will also indicate if my firm is able to prepare a tax filing for you. It is not intended, however, that any part of your consultation period should be taken up with arranging the terms of an ongoing engagement to handle your tax filing requirements.

An email-only consultation may be upgraded to include a telephone call at any time, by simply paying the incremental difference in the fee. A telephone conversation is often helpful to tie up loose ends and clarify remaining ambiguities.

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